Is it too late to say Happy New Year?  I usually say it for at least a month.  Happy New Year all!

We’ve all been busy here and we have some news to announce!  We have changed our name.  West Kootenay Property Rentals Inc. is now (doing business as) “WK Real Estate Co.”  If you didn’t like having to spell Kootenay, try typing “Estate” – that first “t” just eludes me every time.  Why the change?  Paula is now Licensed to offer Real Estate Trading Services.  We are very proud to be able to offer our valued clients this added service, now as a Boutique, full service Real Estate Brokerage, licensed under the Real Estate Council of BC (as always) and we are pumped!

Paula has managed countless homes in the Nelson, Castlegar and Slocan Valley regions over the past 11 plus years.  She’s dealt with the issues that come up in just about every type of home/suite/condo/apartment/acreage.  Paula is connected to the local trades people, knows the different areas well, and will take the time to ensure excellent service, every time.  Just ask some of her long time clients. (Stay tuned for our testimonials.)

We’ll be posting the For Sale listings on this website (, which will soon link to the new website, currently ‘in the works’.  Watch for new listings coming soon!

You may wonder how Paula can manage all those properties and do Real Estate.  Doesn’t she have a small farm, 2 kids and a life?  Great question!  As Paula says: “No, I can’t do it all.  My family, my health and sports are very important to me.  This is where Leslie Farrell comes in.”  Our newest Licensed Property Manager, Leslie, is taking over many of Paula’s rental properties.  This is freeing up time for Paula to focus on Real Estate.  Leslie has been working with us since September and is currently accepting new properties for Full Management or just the Placement Service in Nelson or Castlegar.

Of course, we also have the most wonderful, Crissie Hrynew who has been managing properties in Nelson for the past 3.5 years.  Crissie is also accepting new properties for Full Management or Placement Services in Nelson.  Lastly, but certainly not least, our rock, Chris Hiebert, who holds down the office.  Chris has been with us for 7 years. She keeps the books meticulously organized, keeps us in line and we are endlessly grateful for everything she is and does.  

Please call or email us if you’re interested in renting out your property.  There are so many great potential tenants out there needing housing.  

Call or email Paula if you’re interested in selling your property or looking to buy your future home or investment property.  

Thanks for reading.  Happy New Year!